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15 Body Language Signs He Secretly Likes You [Scientifically Proven]

As many women know, it can be a torture waiting for your future man to finally confess what he’s been hiding in his heart.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait any longer!

Here you will learn a few simple keys you can use to unlock the mystery, and the beauty is, any intelligent woman can use them.

These are not gimmicks, these are 15 scientifically proven ways men act when they are attracted to a woman.

In order to make this time most effective, keep your special guy in mind as you read!


Read all the way to the end to find out how you can take this relationship to the next level!

His Eyes:

His eyes can tell you a lot, if you know what to look for…

1. Eye contact!

eye contact as a sign a man likes you

Does your future man have a hard time keeping eye contact with you?

Many women assume that that’s a bad thing. In reality, it probably isn’t. The fact is, he totally likes you!

If he thinks you are beautiful (and he does), and even if he is a confident man, then you probably intimidate him, at least a little bit.

So, instead of maintaining constant eye contact with you, he will keep glancing down at the floor, or look away from you every couple seconds.

If we’re being honest, even confident men can feel nervous at first around a woman that they find attractive.

Remember that, starting out, both of you are unsure, wondering the same thing, “Do they like me, too?”

So, when he doesn’t lock eyes with you at first, don’t worry, it’s most likely a good sign for you. Over time, his confidence will grow around you and he will eventually be gazing into your eyes the way you want him to.

Test it out!

  • Try holding eye contact with him for a couple seconds longer than you normally would, and watch what happens!
  • He will become a little self concious and look down at the floor or away from you, and you’ll be more confident in knowing that he likes you.

But remember this, it’s the collection of all the signs that you will need to make an accurate assessment. So, if you really want to be sure if you make his heart skip a beat, keep reading, because you’re going to have to put all the keys together.

2. Wide Pupils!

how to tell if a man likes you by looking at his eyes

Quite often a man can be good at hiding all the signs that he likes you. Lucky for you, there is one that he physically can’t control. Pay close attention or you’ll miss it….

Did you know that when you find someone attractive your pupils will dilate? That’s right, if you see his pupils widen when he looks at you, it’s because he thinks you’re hot and his eyes can’t hide it.

I know, it seems farfetched, but I assure you it’s backed up by science. There’s a little chemical called oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone” that is released when our eyes fixate on someone we’re attracted to, which causes the pupil to involuntarily widen.

It’s not easy to watch someones pupils for long, so while you’re attempting our little eye contact experiment, take that moment to see what his pupils are telling you. You might be surprised at what you find!

3. Eyebrows up!

how to tell if he is into you

Have you ever noticed that when a man is impressed by something he sees, his eyebrows raise? You might also have noticed that men raise their brows when a sexy woman walks by.

Raising your eyebrows is a sign that you are intrigued by what you see. It’s also a sign that men do when they are happily talking to a woman they adore. It means he is excited by you and he wants to display his eagerness to you to keep talking.

So, ask yourself…

Do his eyebrows raise when he is talking with me?

If so, he is quite happy to be chatting with you.

For another little experiment you can try this…

HINT: This works especially well if you’re dressed a little extra sexy that day.

When you’re walking past him, sneak a peak at him out of the corner of your eye…

It might be to difficult pull off, but if you can, watch for his eyebrows to fly off his face as you are currently blowing his mind.

4. Checks you out!

Is he falling for me?

Most women know that feeling of getting checked out. It’s really the most obvious sign that he wants you.

I’m not talking about that creepy kind of stare, but if you do notice him staring when he thinks you’re not paying attention, you’ve got his imagination running wild.

When your back is turned, he’s checking out your curves but he doesn’t want to get caught!

If you want to abuse your power and have a little laugh, you might play with him when you realize what he’s doing..

Here’s what you do…

As he’s lost in his sexy daydream about you, suddenly (but nicely!) turn your eyes to him. Then you can watch him fumble around, desparately trying to look at anything but you!

Be extra cautious when trying this. If he thinks you really caught him, he might stop taking the risk to check you out, just from embarrassment. (You don’t want him to stop, right?)

5. Keeps an eye on you!

signs a man is attracted to you

In a crowded room, does he watch you from afar?

He might be keeping an eye on you, not only because his eyes can’t get enough of you, but he could also be watching your body language, waiting to see if you need to be rescued from an uncomfortable conversation.

He wants to protect you and be your hero, even if it’s just a small thing like this. It’s a great sign if he is that in tune with you.

Beware that too much watching could mean that he is possessive or controlling.

It’s actually normal that when a man likes you, he won’t enjoy seeing you talk with other men. Naturally, he wants to be your only man.

If you notice his eyes on you from time to time, chances are it’s harmless. He really just can’t stop looking at you.

6. One last glimpse!

how to know if a man likes you more than a friend

You know that old cliché in romantic movies…

When the man is saying his final goodbye, he walks away from her for what seems like the very last time… and the woman waits, longingly, hoping that he will turn back and give her one last look.

Well, this doesn’t only apply in the movies!

If your guy does this, it means he can’t stand the thought of leaving you. He wants to take a mental portrait of you to keep in his mind until the next time he sees you.

Everytime he lays eyes on you, it’s literally like a drug to him. He just keeps wanting more. He just has to have you one last time…

If you want to make his day, make sure he notices you looking back too!

His Mouth:

7. He’s all smiles!

signs he is falling in love

The way a man smiles at you can reveal what’s really in his heart.

Do the corners of his mouth extend out further and up higher than his normal everyday smile?

When someone is doing their polite smile, the mouth will open differently, usually not so wide and with a more stiff appearance. If he really thinks you’re special, he will grin ear to ear for you.

Does he smile with his eyes? Meaning, the smile pushes his cheeks up, causing his to eyes squint and form creases in the corners. If so, this smile is genuine!

Also, a little secret…

Watch his ears! Many people’s ears actually shift upward slightly when they are truly smiling. If you see these signs when he smiles for you, he totally adores you.

9. Lip licking!

how to know if he likes you signs

You may be surprised to learn that it’s not always perverted if a man starts licking his lips around you. I don’t mean the kind of lip licking a hungry dog would do. I’m talking about, here and there, just a little extra.

There are two reasons he can’t stop licking his lips (besides the perverted reasons!):

1. You make him nervous. When we get nervous, we tend to get cotton mouth. Our mouth, throat and lips get dry, so we lick our lips and swallow more.

So if you see him licking his lips, it could be that the poor guy is trying to cure the case of dry lips that you’ve caused him.

2. He’s not too nervous around you, but he thinks your attractive, his mouth will start to water. It’s a physical reaction that happens when a man sees the girl he wants and there is really nothing he can do about it, except to lick his lips and try not to slobber all over you.

His Voice:

10. Deepens his tone!

Women love a man with a soothing deep voice. Men know this!

If this guy is speaking to you, especially one on one, he will lower his tone, wanting to sound sexy and manly for you.

If he is just in the friend zone, he won’t care how he sounds to you. He will generally speak quicker and with a higher pitch if he isn’t interested in you, because he is not trying to impress you.

When a man likes you, he will slow down, giving himself sufficient breath to support his lower voice, and take his time in talking to you. He wants to make you want him.

Usually women like this subconsiously, but now you can be aware when it happens and enjoy it that much more.

11. Nerves creep up!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re talking with your friends and your crush walks in unexpectedly…

Suddenly you start losing your words, watching him to see if he is looking at you, thinking too much about your makeup, etc…

Well, it’s the same for men.

Of course, they try to hide it too, but you’ll notice that he starts straightening his shirt, putting his fingers “casually” through his hair, sticking out his chest, sucking in his belly and improving his posture to make himself look taller.

So, pay attention! If he starts trying to be his best self as soon as you walk in, it’s obvious he secretly likes you.

12. Exaggerates his voice!

Sometimes a man will get nervous when he sees you walk in, but other times when a man is more confident (sometimes over-confident) he will actually start speaking louder.

There are different types of men and different situations.

Like in the last example, the man started acting differently when his crush walked in. In that case he got nervous.

In some cases, he will begin acting more exaggerated than he was before he noticed you. He will raise his voice so that you can hear him. Maybe he will start joking and laughing more loudly. He might start making more dominant physical contact with his friends. He will put on the demeanor of an alpha to try to impress you.

Was he acting differently before he realized you could see or hear him?

The important thing to notice is the shift in his behavior. Some will get nervous and quiet, some will overcompensate, either way it’s because he wants to look good for you.

His Body:

13. Angled toward you!

When you are in a room with him, it could be standing, or even sitting around a table, how does he position his body in relation to you?

If he is indifferent toward you, his body could be facing any direction. But if he really likes you, he will angle his feet and chest so that they point toward you.

It may not be directly toward you because he wants to seem casual, but if he is skewed at least somewhat toward you, he wants to you see him, and he wants to see you.

Imagine this…

You’re sitting around a table in a group with him but he is facing away from you, more toward another woman. How would it make you feel?

You would think he is more enganged in what she saying. She must be more important to him than you are, right?

So, when he faces you, it truly means something. He may even be doing it subconsciously, but internally he knows that facing you creates a better connection with you. He is singling you out among the group, letting you know that his focus and attention is on you.

14. Leans into you!

Similarly to the way he angles his feet and body, the way he leans in toward you matters. This could be while sitting or standing, but it’s generally more noticeable when you two are talking to eachother directly.

A man (who is usually taller than you but not always the case) will lean in his head and upper body while you are talking.

It’s very subtle sometimes, but a little dip in his head can mean a lot.

He is subconsciously showing you that he wants to make a connection with you.

If he were to keep his head high, psychologically you might feel like “he is above you,” and if this guy likes you, that’s the last thing he wants.

For example, when men are in competitive social situations with eachother, they will try to appear “higher” than other men.

So, he will lower his head, which signals that he is letting his guard down and subsequently makes you feel more comfortable.

Another reason he lowers his head for you is so your eyes can meet up more intimately. If he leans in his head, his eyes are now a bit closer to yours without his body invading your personal space.

Again, it’s a very subtle move, but very effective at the same time. He wants to let you know non-verbally that he wants to be close to you, but he doesn’t want to overstep his bounds.

If you want to let him know that you like it, move your body a little closer. Hopefully, he will get the hint and you will start to feel more comfortable being near one another.

15. Little touches!

Now let’s say he already feels comfortable around you.

When you two talk, he feels relaxed being near you in a manner in which, with others, you might feel that they are invading your space.

Maybe you are still unsure if he really likes you or not. Allowing him into your space gives him the opportunity to do a classic flirtation tactic, which by the way, women do too! Small touches…

Touching a man casually isn’t considered a big deal for a woman. Women can usually give men small touches here and there and think nothing of it. The reverse isn’t usually true…

For a man, a little touch with a woman can mean a lot. To him, it’s probably a big deal.

The reason is that men are trained their whole life that touching a woman is only appropriate if she wants it, which is true.

So, if a woman starts giving him casual touches, he might even tell his friends later:

“Man, she touched my arm like 3 times!”

I know, it’s kind of pathetic… Pathetic, yet true.

For the man to attempt it, he has to really think you’re special and be willing to take a risk.

So, when a man puts a gentle hand on your arm, or your shoulder, or on your lower back as he escorts you through a door, he thinks you’re a woman worth taking that risk for.

It will help him gain confidence with you if you reciprocate with your own little touches as well. If all goes well, soon you won’t be able to keep your hands off eachother!


You’re now a male body language expert, equipped with all the knowledge you need to solve this lingering mystery.

It’s now up to you to go out and put them to the test.

He’s going to be totally unaware, thinking he’s still able to keep the secret from you. Unfortunately for him, his obvious signs won’t be going unnoticed any longer.

Remember, you don’t have to see ALL the signs to make an accurate assessment. The more signs, the better, but some you might miss and that’s ok.

If you can put together a list of 5-10 positive signs, you can be confident that you have him hooked.

Ok, so you’re sure you have seen the signs… but he still won’t make the first move.

Now what?

Are you ready to press fast forward and instantly take your relationship to the next level?

Check out this video to wake up his desire for you!

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